Liza’s new smile

Liza before

Liza is from the IRD … yes, we are one of their panel dentists and it always is nice to get a cheque from them every month! It kind of feels like an offset for all the taxes we pay!!

But I digress …

Liza came in for a simple filling .. she actually had a filling done with us last year but decided to go to a dentist near her home … unfortunately the filling fell off after just a week! Thus, Liza made her appointment to replace it in our clinic.

Her gaps were rather obvious

After completing the treatment, I asked Liza if she’d like to do a clean up … Liza said she was afraid to as the last time she did a clean up/scaling, a lot of gaps appeared between her teeth!

Hmm … I showed her that it was actually the shape of her teeth that caused the gaps and the calculus probably just made things worse. This was probably why she felt the gaps appeared after a scaling.

Needless to say, I told her I could sort out the gaps in less than an hour … that was our specialty!!

Liza's new beautiful smile

I told her I would create a more feminine smile and promised her she would love her new look!

Liza gave us the go ahead so she sat back and we started our magic ….

In less than an hour Liza was ready for the magic mirror!

She took her first look in the mirror and gasped! “Wah! How did you do it? It looks like you pulled my teeth together!”

She giggled, ” It doesn’t look protruded anymore either!”

Liza looks good from the side too!

Yes she loved it!

We printed out her Makeover Albums with her ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures whilst she admired her new smile.

“I’m going to tell all my friends and colleagues about this.” she said with a huge smile!

Please do so, Liza … and please remember to go to the Facebook Page “Dentist Malaysia”.

Remember to click ‘Like’ ok … we need just one more to reach 500 … then let’s see how many we can get before April 27!

If you like what we did for Liza, please go to Dentist Malaysia and click ‘Like’ too! Or just click on the button on the right of this blog page … Thanks! 😉

I love my job!!

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