Lin’s surprise

Lin before

Lin had made an appointment to do her scaling … yes, that’s what the appointment was for .. but when I saw her and was told she had found us through this blog, I kind of suspected she wanted more than just a routine clean up. LOL

When Lin sat down, she said she had just been to a dentist, and had her lower teeth cleaned under local anaesthesia … that is, she had injections done first to numb the area … and she wanted me to clean up her upper teeth … hmm ..

I could have just left it at that and immediately proceeded to do the clean up but I felt what she really needed was an explanation as to why her smile was the way it was! Then and only then can she understand why it is so.

Lin's smile from the side

I explained to her that her upper tooth was hitting against her lower tooth and that together with her gum condition meant that though regular clean ups would reduce the formation of the gaps … eventually she would probably lose her lower teeth.

I was frank with her .. that dentists would probably shy away from saying this, as it was easier to just encourage her to do scaling after scaling until the battle is lost …. and her lower teeth become too loose to do anything but take them out!

Yes .. it’s unfortunately a fact … you see, Lin is a young lady … most dentists would rather leave alone and just tell her to bear with it … until years go by and the inevitable happens … to me that is almost cruel because in actual fact, Lin could have her beautiful smile today!

She probably wouldn’t even be encouraged to do braces either as her gums and bones can’t take the movements.

Lin after the magic wand did it's trick

I told her that I could help … through composite veneers and splinting the lower teeth. I could see in my mind’s eye what she’d look like … but would she trust me?

I got really excited when she said she had seen the makeovers in the blog and that gave her some courage to make the appointment.

I laughed and said that I suspected she didn’t believe that they were actual photos … that the ‘after’ photos had actually been ‘doctored’!

That’s when Lin laughed and admitted that she was only 70% sure that I could give her a beautiful smile!

I asked her to trust me … and let me go full out! I promised her that she will love her new smile. 😉

Gap??? What gap?

Lin looked at me quizzically … “You mean today?!”, she said.

“Yes”, I said … “if you trust me and let me do my magic … yes .. today!”.

Yippee yay! She said to go ahead.

I took a little longer than the usual 45 minutes … I promised no pain so I gave her injections for her lowers as she was extremely sensitive … and I had to really take extra care to make sure she could eat normally after the makeover.

But when I gave her the magic mirror, Lin was shocked! Pleasantly shocked!!

You see these photos really don’t do the remarkable makeover justice … she looks amazing!

Except for that little scratch on her lip when I was polishing the veneers (so sorry Lin!) … she did not feel any pain at all!

And yes … it took just about an hour an a bit … most of the time I was fussing over the veneers. 🙂

Thank you Lin … for your trust in me. I hope you do write a comment and give others the confidence to make that call to fix their appointments … too many people don’t believe that they too can go home with a beautiful smile like yours.

I love my job … I get to make people happy and create beautiful smiles every day!!

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