A series of events that led to Sarah’s makeover

Sarah before the magic

Sarah actually was accompanying a friend to get her wisdom tooth checked!

Sarah was my father’s patient and was totally surprised when she came to the clinic to see that it had been totally renovated, enlarged and had a different name!

She went up to the florist next door to enquire as to where Dr Yunus had gone … the florist laughed and told her Dr Yunus (my father) had retired 5 years ago and the clinic was now renamed and run by his daughter!

Fortunately, Sarah came back to the clinic with her friend to have her tooth checked … I suspect it was solely because she felt Dr Yunus’s daughter must be an OK dentist … Good Dentistry in my genes!! 😉

As I checked and later took out Umi’s tooth, Sarah asked Ayu (my nurse) about braces … that’s when Ayu said that she should check out the makeovers we do … another fortunate event!

Sarah's new beautiful smile!

You see Sarah never even knew we could do her makeover in less than an hour! She didn’t even know this clinic existed!! She had not returned to see my father for 5 years!!! Wow! What a series of fortunate events that led to her makeover!

It wasn’t easy to get Sarah to smile showing her teeth … after many shots and encouraging words from Umi, Ayu and I we managed to get some ‘Before’ photos.

It took less than an hour (yes!!! it is fast!) and was totally painless (Sarah asked me whether pain was involved … all patients seem to believe there has to be pain … but no … it is painless!). This time it was Umi that was giving Sarah moral support.

When it was done, Sarah took a deep breath, looked in the mirror and broke into a HUGE smile!

It was so easy to take her ‘After’ picture too!! 😉

As we printed out the Makeover Album and bluetoothed her photos to her handphone, Sarah akse me to give her regards to my father, Dr Yunus.

Sarah and Ummi

And she said she definitely will be back with her friends and family!

Thank you Sarah! Enjoy your makeover … thank goodness for the series of events that led to it!

Sarah walked in thinking she was just going to do a good deed for Umi by giving her moral support … and she walked out with her beautiful smile on the same day! Wow!!

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