Fadzlan and Rohayu get a double makeover

Fadzlan before

It’s so nice to meet exceptional couples like Fadzlan and Rohayu.

This couple had visited the clinic earlier for their general dental needs.

They had heard that we could do makeovers to close gaps and ‘un-tilt’ teeth and so came in to do their clean-ups and see what we could do for them today.

Fadzlan went first … he wanted his clean-up and then asked if I could do something for his front teeth!

Duhhh… it was like asking ‘do babies like milk’ to me!  He is an easy-peasy makeover !!! 😉

Fadzlan's side profile

He had a tilted tooth that was chipped and another that was sticking out sideways.

I whisked out my magic wand and in less than half an hour completed the makeover  ….. and he didn’t even ask if it was going to hurt too!

Once Fadzlan was done, he turned and smiled at his wife, Rohayu.

She said, “Wow! You look so different and handsome!” … I laughed and told them that he shouldn’t believe her until he saw the makeover himself, whilst I passed the mirror to him …

Fadzlan's new smile

He burst out laughing when he saw himeself!

“How did you do it? My friend is going to be sooo jealous as he has opted to do braces though I told him about your makeovers!”

It took less than half an hour as all he needed was 3 Composite Veneers … the best part is the teeth themselves were only minimally prepared so everything was done and finished so fast.

Fadzlan asked if it would last.

I looked at him and with a straight face, said “Unfortunately for me, it does last! It lasts and lasts and lasts … it may discolour a little after 3 to 4 years but then all you need to do, if it does discolour, is just do a touch-up!”

The new Fadzlan

He was busy admiring himself in the mirror.

I told him he could eat anything except stones, bones, metal and wood … he laughed … and I warned him that for at least today, he needed to be careful when he drives …

He looked up from the mirror when I said that. “Huh?” he said.

“Yes, keep your eyes on the road when you drive today … you got to resist checking your smile in the mirror all the time, OK!” I joked.

We got the chair ready for Rohayu who was teasing Fadzlan as he kept laughing and smiling.

Largish front teeth
Rohayu had largish front teeth

And now was Rohayu’s turn …

I was surprised to hear Rohayu was a mother of two! She looked so young!

Rohayu needed to close the gaps in her front teeth … a larger gap in front and smaller ones on the sides.

Rohayu asked if her teeth would look too big with the veneers. I told her I would need to do 4 composite veneers as I needed to even out the teeth.

“I promise once it is finished, it will look as if I had pulled your teeth together … not like I made them bigger OK”

Rohayu before

I spent a little longer time with Rohayu as I needed to balance out the front teeth.

Whilst I did so, I chatted some more with Fadzlan, I asked him about the real estate business and how he managed investment portfolios for his clients.

One of the great perks of my job is I get to meet such interesting people.

It took about 45 minutes for Rohayu and soon she was smiling into the mirror too!

Doesn't Rohayu have a sweet, sweet smile

She loved the new look!

I polished everything up to really natural shine as I told her she could eat immediately.

I reminded them that there was a 100% guarantee on the veneers.

I wanted them to eat and chew all the usual food they normally eat and not ‘be careful’ for the next few days.

“The veneers are meant to last … I want to take away your concern of ‘I have a gap/ tilted teeth’ … not shift it to a different concern of ‘I must be careful when I eat’ … so go ahead and enjoy eating … don’t be concerned as they shouldn’t break”

Rohayu looks beautiful from the side too!

We printed out the Makeover Albums with the ‘Before’ and ‘After’ photos for them to take home and blue-toothed the pictures to their phones too!

We said our goodbyes with a wave and a hug …

What an awesome couple!

I love my job.

I get to make people happy.

I get to make people smile.

I have the best job in the world! 😉

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