Joyce travels from Johor

Joyce before

Joyce is a beautiful lady. I met her at my business networking meeting 2 weeks ago when she visited the BNI Ampang Chapter. Joyce belongs to a chapter in Johor.

She came up to me after the meeting to chat. She had done braces to correct her teeth some years ago, she said, but her front teeth had begun to shift again. She related how she had gone back to see the dentist in Johor, and was told that she had to redo her orthodontic treatment!

“I don’t want to go through all that again!”, she said. “Could composite veneers correct them?”

I assured her that they could … I asked her to check out this blog to see the many. many makeovers I have already done, and come in for an appointment.

All straight now!

Today, Joyce came in from Johor. She was very nervous and was still unconvinced that I could do what she wanted with just one visit … and so fast too! She told Amy and Farra (my Clinic Managers) that she had already looked through the blog but she still was unsure.

I explained the whole procedure to her. I explained how composite veneers were the least damaging to teeth and how only a little preparation was needed so the teeth would be ready for the restorations.

I told her I was going to do a mock-up of the veneers first so she could see the finished results before she makes up her mind …. I explained that a mock-up is “like a mock house/apartment … this is when a house/apartment is filled with furniture and decorations by the developer, so you can see/ visualise what it would look like once the house/apartment is completed … a show house!”

Joyce can smile happily now!

I did the mock and passed her the mirror … Joyce squealed in delight, “Yes! Do it, please!”

The composite veneers took less than half an hour to do …. really! I know it’s hard to believe because, like Joyce, you probably have never heard/seen/experienced this treatment before. 😉

I blog about this over and over again because I know that there are many people who want this treatment but don’t know it’s available and don’t know where to go.

I also know that most times it seems too incredible to be true … surely it can’t be THAT easy …

If it is so easy, why don’t more dentists do it?

That is a very good question indeed … my only answer is either dentists either don’t know how, or are not confident, or don’t want to to it because the fee charged is low … it may be a combination of all these reasons …

A beautiful smile for beautiful Joyce

Why do I do it?

Well, to tell you the truth … it’s because I love making people happy. I love seeing their faces light up and see them smile with confidence … that moment of joy when they first see themselves, is really priceless.

I get to give people a whole new feeling about themselves … sometimes it is such a huge moment, it moves both the patient and I to tears … I get to do that every day … it is immensely rewarding and fulfilling.

I love my job.

I love making people beautiful … I create beautiful smiles every day!!

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