Mr Soh drives up from Singapore

A complicated case indeed!

Mr Soh is terrified of dentists!

His wife, Serena, managed to persuade him to drive up from Singapore where they both live to do a makeover and/or a Zoom! Whitening. It took quite a bit of persuading … but Mr Soh, an automation consultant and self-confessed workaholic, finally sat in the dental chair.

Both Mr Soh and Serena had arrived for their appointment early … they registered then left for a quick brunch …I was finishing up with my patient when she came in to say they had arrived.

Amy looked worried, “Did you see Mr Soh?” I asked her, “Does the makeover look complicated?”

Mr Soh lives and works in Singapore!

I knew Amy had enough experience … she had seen me do the makeovers countless times and can imagine what sort of work would be necessary to transform a smile.

She shook her head and sighed …” It’s a tough one Doctor … I don’t know how you’re going to do it!”

Oh dear … Mr Soh and Serena would be expecting me to do my magic today … Serena will be expecting Mr Soh to leave with a transformed smile, I am certain of it! Fortunately, the appointment was just before lunch time, so if needed I could work for 2 hours …

The incredible transformation in just over 2 hours

They came back and I began to draw out all the options available for Mr Soh and what I recommended.

Mr Soh gulped, “You need to do extractions? Is it going to be painful?”

I assured him it wouldn’t … and I promised him that a bridge would be the best way to correct his cross bite.

I explained how composite veneering would not give a good results because the gum line for two of his teeth was too low and they were too far down and behind his lower teeth.

He looked at Serena … took a deep breath, shook his head in resignation and said, “OK! Go ahead!”

Mr Soh now!

I looked at Serena and said, “I promise to do a great job, Serena, this is as much for you … for your confidence in me … as for your husband. I know, that I must make sure he’s happy or else you won’t hear the end of it!” …. we both smiled.

And so I waved my magic wand …..

and waved my magic wand ….

and waved my magic wand.

Finally it was done!

I passed the mirror to Mr Soh. He couldn’t believe it! His temporary bridge made him look like a different man!

I told him about the problems … that he needed to be careful when he drives back … he had to resist looking at himself in the mirror when he drove!

So now we wait for about two to three weeks for his bone to settle … then Mr Soh and Serena comes back for the bridge impressions.

Until then Mr Soh … enjoy your new smile!

BTW … Amy was all smiles too … she congratulated me … she said she knew that even though it was going to be a tough makeover, her boss (me!) could do it … whew! and I did it, didn’t I?

I love my job!! 🙂

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