Aina’s new smile

Aina's smile when she came in

Aina and her friend dropped in today. She had come in some weeks earlier and discussed the possible ways that were available.

Aina didn’t want to do braces to straighten her smile, so we discussed straightening them with just composites instead.

Today Aina walked in confidently … she didn’t look one bit nervous either!

I asked her if she wanted to do both her upper and lower teeth, smiling she said she just wanted to do the uppers first.

No problem! The best part of doing veneers is, Aina can opt to do the lowers

Aina before

later if she wanted.

We revved up the magic wand … took the ‘Before’ photos and started.

It is quite a simple procedure really … Aina just sat back and seemed so very relaxed … she didn’t even ask if it was going to hurt, too … wow! That is quite unusual.

Most people always ask if it was going to be painful … despite my writing in the blog that it isn’t painful, I guess most people always think a visit to the dentist has to hurt!

No way!!

Aina's new smile!

Idayu (yes, Idayu, my former clinic manager still works part-time in the clinic when she’s on vacation) passed her the mirror …. and Aina broke into a smile!

She looked gorgeous!

It took less than an hour, too.

Aina looks gorgeous

I love my job!

I get to create beautiful smiles every day.

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