The School Holidays are here!

Hakimi before

When school holidays start, it usually means the clinics will be packed with entire families! This week has been no different.

Hakimi and his 3 brothers and sister came in with their mother for the regular clean-up and check up. They trouped in, one by one, the younger kids went first …

When it was Hakimi’s turn, his mum came in with him.

Hakimi is almost painfully shy … he hardly speaks! His younger brother Imran speaks for him most times. 😉

Hakimi from the side

So when Hakimi sat on the chair, Imran said, “He needs his teeth fixed! He has so many gaps!!”

Hakimi only smiled shyly.

I asked Hakimi if he wanted a makeover … he nodded slightly and smiled a shy, shy smile.

“OK, but you got to promise me that you’d smile and speak up more!”, I said.

He smiled again and this time gave a quick nod.

A big new smile from Hakimi

Imran and his brother Irfan started playing ‘catch the balloon’ whilst his brother settled down for some magic.

I chatted with elder brother Hafiq. I asked about their boarding school up in Kedah where the two elder brothers were studying, whilst I waved my wand.

I was amazed at how independant both Hafiz and Hakimi were. They travel up and down from their school by train and came home for their holidays on their own, unaccompanied! Wow!

Like all young teens, both Hafiz and Hakimi are catching up on computer games now they’re back home.

Happy Hakimi

I asked about ragging/bullying in the boarding school. Hafiz just shrugged, “It only happens in the first few months … I look out for Hakimi.”

I guess that’s the best anyone can hope for … that there would be someone to look out for the quieter kids when they go to boarding school … fortunately for Hakimi, he has his elder brother.

We were done!

Throughout the whole process Hakimi didn’t say a word too! He just sat quietly and let me work …

but when he looked in the mirror, his huge smile said volumes for him!

Hakimi is still a little shy ... Hafiz is in the background

He loved it!!

… but when I asked him if he wouldn’t mind me putting his picture in the blog, he got all shy again, but said OK.

So here is the new smile for Hakimi.

Let’s see if his personality changes when I see him in 6 months time!

Meanwhile Hakimi … smile, and smile wide!!

…. sigh … I forgot to take a family photo!

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