Seri gets results

Seri's teeth were drifting forwards and out of alignment

When Seri walked in I was struck with a feeling that this young lady was result driven.

The first thing she said was that she was scared of dental treatment and had avoided seeing the dentist for some time. I smiled and said she wasn’t alone in her fear of dentists!

She told me how her former dentist had told her she had bad gums and was probably going to lose her teeth…. that only made her more nervous and afraid to go back.

We talked for a long time …

I told her about my friend who had been told the same thing by a dentist. I explained about how gum problems happen, and how the bleeding probably made her scared to brush her teeth near the gums, which only made things worse … and like my friend, she probably felt there was nothing she could do to stop it.

Upper temporary done but not polished

I told her that she needn’t worry … that the fact she had come to seek another opinion was probably the best thing.

Seri visibly looked less worried as we spoke … she told me how she had searched the internet and stumbled on this blog … she said she felt there was hope for her when she saw the many posts and pictures of the makeovers as she read through the blog.

We started with a clean-up so I could asses how much treatment she needed. It turned out that her gums and bone had receeded quite a bit but they weren’t as bad as she thought.

I drew out two different options for Seri. I explained that I could do a makeover with just Composite Veneers but the results from correcting her teeth would be much, much better with bridges … the only problems were bridges were costlier and would take 3 visits.

A new smile for Seri!

Seri looked me straight in the eye and said, “As long as I can leave here without missing teeth ….. let’s do the bridges!”

I laughed and promised her that she will love her makeover … it would be worth every single cent.

My nurses got everything ready and we started …

It took an hour or so before I showed Seri the mirror… the top temporary bridge was ready! I wanted Seri to relax knowing that she really did look great with just the temporary bridges.

We continued through lunch … fortunately the patient that was booked in got the times wrong and came in really late, so I had another hour or so to finish up.

Seri was an angel! She sat throughout the whole process and let me do my magic.

At last we were finished! Ayu passed Seri the mirror so she could see the temporary bridges.

Yes!!! Seri loved it!

As I cemented them, I explained that we had to wait at least 2 weeks before I re-take the impressions for the final bridges … this also will give her time to get used to the new smile and give me feedback on any changes she wanted before I sent the models to the dental technician.

I am so, so glad Seri found the blog and summoned the courage to see me today. She’s such a lovely lady … an obviously very capable trainer who has to speak to corporate clients as part of her job.

Seri no longer had to worry about her smile. The bridges will give her a confidence that will be a great boost as she goes about her job training people on finance.

I love my job … I get to give people that … I get to make them happy and confident!

I have the best job in the world! 😉

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