June’s pleasant surprise

June's smile when she came in today

June met up with her school buddy, Esther, after many years. They had lost contact with each other … as many of us do … a chance meeting restarted their friendship.

It was through Esther that June heard about us and how we create beautiful smiles through makeovers within minutes. She checked out this blog and made the appointment … at last June was going to do something about her smile.

Her husband, Mr Siew came along. Mr Siew is a quiet soul. He usually lets June do the talking!

As Mr Siew opted to go first, I got to speak to June whilst I did the clean up for Mr Siew.

a side view

June and I spoke about Zoom! Whitening and makeovers. She was so scared of dentists. I reassured her that it really wasn’t going to be painful when it came to her turn.

She told me that she could hardly believe the posts in the blog about how the patients had their smiles transformed in just 45 minutes. I laughed and said it was true! … the patients did leave the clinic with absolutely new smiles, and she would leave with a new smile too.

And soon enough, it was June’s turn!

We opted to do a bridge and I promised June that though the actual bridge would take a week to complete, she will absolutely love the temporary bridge.

June's transformed smile about an hour later

In fact, I promised to correct the gaps and uneven teeth with the temporary bridge so that she would have a week to get used to the new look.

I worked on her whilst Mr Siew looked on. We chatted about Feng Shui as he dabbled in the study and practise of geomancy.

Mr Siew kindly gave me pointers on breaking up the long corridor of doors in the clinic … a simple solution of strategically adding some potted plants!

Soon June was done!

I passed the mirror to her as Mr Siew got up for a closer look …. they loved it!

June's transformed smile

I reminded them that it was just a temporary bridge and began to chose the colour for the permanent bridge when Mr Siew said, “It looks so good now … you don’t need the permanent bridge!”

We all laughed! I explained that the temporary was only made of acrylic so was not as strong. The permanent will be much, much nicer!

I finished polishing the temporary so it would shine like normal teeth and cemented it.

I took the ‘after’ pictures and printed them for June’s makeover album whilst explaining to her that her lip was still numb so she would feel it was a little strange for another hour or so.

We set the next appointment and waved out goodbyes …

I love my job.

I make friends every day … it is one of the many perks of being a dentist!

I rang up Esther to thank her later … she said that June had already called her immediately after the appointment and had told her she was very, very happy.

… and I am too! 😉

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