Three lovely ladies and one makeover!

The three friends

Three lovely ladies came in for a check up and scaling.

The three good friends all work for the Ministry of Tourism and took time off to come in to also discuss about makeovers.

I saw them one by one … the bravest first!

It turns out that the most scared of all needed the least treatment and so waited outside until it was her turn … though ever so often, she’d wander in to accompany her friends.

Wasilah before

Wasilah was the one that found the blog.

She had a tooth that was buried under her gums and finally appeared and started growing a few years ago.

She always smiled with her mouth closed and talked in such a way that she didn’t show her teeth … poor girl.

To make matters worse, the tooth began to grow at an angle, this meant that her lip was raised a bit on one side!

Wasilah asked, “Doctor! Just look at my deformed tooth! Can anything be done?” … actually she said cacat tooth!!

From the side

I laughed and said it was easy! She looked at me in disbelief.

“I can do something immediately so you can leave here with a beautiful smile … but I would recommend that you do a crown later as that would be stronger.” I said.

I explained that I could make the tooth longer with composites but, as it was quite a bit that needed to be extended, a crown would be an option with more strength as the whole tooth would be encased by a cap of metal and porcelain … it would take a week to be ready.

The Quickie Makeover!

Wasilah agreed to do the ‘quickie’ makeover first … it would take me 15 minutes, no more!

I revved up the magic wand … and ta daaah! It was done!

I passed the mirror to Wasilah and she gasped!

Her friends came in and saw her new smile … believe it or not, they said they couldn’t remember that she had a ‘cacat tooth’ in the first place!

I explained to them that if the makeover was done properly ….  it was normal for people to not be able to tell what was done … it’s supposed to look like Wasilah was born with beautiful teeth! 😉

See! No more cacat tooth!

Fortunately I had taken the Before photos!

I printed out the Makeover Album for Wasilah whilst she and her friends admired her new smile … they teased Wasilah as she still smiled with her mouth shut.

She needed to practise a whole new confident smile now!

As we hugged our goodbyes, I reminded Wasilah to stay away from eating stones, bones and metal rods … I reminded her to eat normally as the makeover was guaranteed 100% … if she managed to break it, I will do the repairs for free … she had a whole month!

The three lovely ladies left soon after, full of smiles and joy.

I love my job.

I get to spread joy.

I get to create beautiful smiles every day! 😉

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