Liza’s surprise makeover

Liza before

Liza badly chipped a tooth. Her mum, Eva, called me this morning to say she needed an emergency appointment. As I knew Liza lived in New York, I told Eva to get her to come in at lunch time.

Sure enough, Liza was flying back in a week’s time … just enough time for the technicians to fashion a crown … whew!

Once I had completed the crown work, I asked Liza if she wanted to ‘tweak’ her smile … a makeover!

Liza said that she wanted to straighten her lower teeth but wasn’t sure what I meant about ‘softening’ her upper teeth.

From the side

I explained that her upper teeth were angular and had a squarish shape which was more suitable for a guy … as she was a gorgeous young lady, a ‘softer’ smile would look great!

The crown would take a week  …. but my makeover … well, that would take less than an hour.

I could easily do it with composite veneers!

Liza said to go ahead … so happily I revved up my magic wand.

The finished beautiful smile!

I started with the lowers first … when they were done, I passed the mirror to Liza and she laughed.

“Wow! You really did some magic! I can’t tell how you did it! I sat back on the dental chair and a few minutes later, the teeth are straight!” she said.

My first afternoon patient had arrived, so asked Liza to excuse me for a bit whilst I attended to him … I suggested that she go off for lunch before I start on the top teeth.

“I can have lunch immediately?” she asked. “Yes,” I said with a laugh, “… just don’t eat stones or bones!”

She looks gorgeous

Liza went off for a bit whilst I did my 2pm patient.

When she came back …. she went for a quick walk to Pertama Complex … we started phase 2 of her makeover.

Before too long it was time for the magic mirror again.

“Wow! It’s magic!”, she said. I laughed and told her she could eat immediately and since she was going back to New York in a week, I reminded her to not hold back, but eat as normally as possible … I wanted her to be able to tell me if she needed any minor adjustments.

We printed out her makeover album for her to show her mum, Eva, the transformation of her smile.

Next week Liza comes back for crown … but she got her beautiful smile in one day!

Cool, huh. 😉

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