Reena’s new smile

Reena before

Reena lives in Singapore with her air force pilot husband and little kids. She had always wanted to do something about her smile but resisted having braces done when she was a teenager growing up in Malaysia.

It was only after her sister Reeta’s makeover earlier this year, when Reena began to reconsider visiting the dentist! Reeta assured her that it was painless … and since Reena knew that Reeta was, if at all, as scared as she was about seeing a dentist, she felt if her sister recommended us, well, it was definitely worth driving up from Singapore for a visit!

So last week, Reena came in, nervous but all ready for some magic.

The main problem

I told Reena that she could correct the crooked teeth with braces but it would take a couple of years. The problem  is she may probably need to remove some teeth as the lowers were very crowded … there just wasn’t enough space!

I told Reena that I could make her smile much nicer for sure, but as I wasn’t going to remove or shift teeth with the composite veneers, the lower canine will still be where it is now, but will look much nicer.

So we did her clean up and revved up the magic wand …

Reena  and I chatted about all sorts of things … living in Singapore, kids and Farmville! She too played Farmville but stopped ‘cold turkey’ by deleting her farm!! Wow! What will power!

The finished beautiful smile!

It wasn’t long before I finished her top teeth … the bottoms were the difficult bit.

I had to make them look less tilted out and inwards … and do it such that Reena could maintain her gum health on her own by flossing.

In about an hour Reena was ready for the final pictures to be taken.

Ayu, my assistant, passed it to her and we stepped back …

Reena gasped and broke into a huge smile!

“It’s magic!”, Reena said. “Reeta was right!”

Reena's new side profile

I love this moment, when a makeover patient looks in the mirror for the first time … the sheer joy in their faces is magical.

I asked Reena when she was returning to Singapore as I wanted her to really test the composite veneers by eating all her favourite foods before she went back. I reminded her that the composites carry a 100% guarantee anyway … that I will do repairs (in at all she managed to break them 😉 ) for free for the next month.

I printed the pictures for her Makeover Album and we hugged our goodbyes.

It’s always great to get referrals … usually the person is referred by someone who had already done their beautiful smile and the transformation made them want to share it with friends and their family.

I always feel these are the best testimony! It’s usually difficult to believe that the makeovers are real, that they actually were done in minutes and were painless so no injections are necessary.

Thank you Reeta for sharing your makeover with Reena … I know I didn’t let you .. or Reena down! 😉

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11 years ago

I am interested to get a price for my wife to have three composite veneers done. She is a citizen of Malaysia, born and raised.

I appreciate your help.

Thank you