20 mins a week .. that’s all the training needed!

Wow! I found it hard to believe! “Just 20 minutes a week” was the promise given by the Director of Concept 10 10, a gym that newly opened at Solaris Dutamas.

“Just 20 minutes a week is all it takes to achieve a great shape, toned muscles and be fit.” said Redza. Now if he wasn’t my cousin ( have known him all my life) I’d probably laugh at the idea … surely not!

But I know Redza … he is based in Dubai (that’s where he came to know of Concept 10 10). You see it’s part of his job to be fit and maintain a certain fitness and weight … Redza is a pilot with Emirates. In fact, one of the reasons why Redza started to go to Concept 10 10 in Dubai, was because it is a gym that could give results in just 20 minutes a week … perfect for someone who had a busy schedule and didn’t have the luxury of time at their disposal!

I remember, not too long ago, Redza was not slim … nah, he had what we fondly would say a ‘six-pack that kind of collided together and became one’ … I’m joking! He wasn’t that big but he wasn’t slim either.

Then, during one of our family gatherings, Redza walked in looking fitter, broad shouldered and lean. Wow! What happened?

That’s when he first told me about Concept 10 10 and how he was planning to bring the gym to Malaysia. In the next few months, he and his wife Kolin, teemed up with a long time friend Finn. Concept 10 10 had come to Malaysia!

I had a ‘bad’ knee that was plaguing me for a good year and a half. I could not do any aerobics or jog. The most I can do is a brisk walk and when I get frustrated and break into a slow jog, my knee seizes up and I’ll be limping for the next few days.


This has been to frustrating! I used to mountain bike, go to the gym 3 times a week for step aerobics and body pump! Now I wear Fitflops all the time because my knee hurts … sigh.

So when he told me that the reason why he had gained weight was because of a back injury that had caused him to not be able to excercise too, I knew, at last I had found the perfect gym for me!

One of the things that was stopping me from joining my son in his gym was there were so many people around! Especially after working hours … Concept 10 10’s promise of a completely private session (just me and the instructor) sounds perfect … and the circuit of 6 machines takes only 20 minutes to complete.

So on Sunday, I walked in, gym bag filled with a towel, spare clothes and my gym shoes, in tow. Sure enough it was empty … just Redza and I. He explained the concept/process, took my medical history, and took me though each of the machines whilst setting them to my height, he explained the movements I was to do.

Then I started the ‘line’ … I was deceptively easy .. OK, OK so he did set it at the entry level as it was my first time .. and I hardly broke into a sweat! In about 20 minutes I was done!

We set up my next appointment and I left to get dinner ready for my boys! Wow! I like this.

Today I had just minor aches in my upper arms and thighs. … and I feel great! 😉

I can hardly wait for my next 20 minute workout this Saturday!

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