Back on holiday from Dublin, Najiha gets her new smile

Najiha when she came in

Najiha walked in smiling. This young lady had found the blog whilst studying Medicine in Dublin. She was going to travel back home to Malaysia for a short break and wanted to get her crown done for her blackened tooth.

We had just enough time! Najiha is scheduled to leave again on Friday next week … whew! I need a week for the crown to come back from the technician.

I asked Najiha why she didn’t just complete the crown with the dentist that did her root canal therapy. She said that her mum was worried that the shape wouldn’t be nice.

Najiha's side profile

How astute of her mum … to be able to correct the overall smile, I had to do the makeover first of course … only after I had corrected the shape of her other teeth, would the technician get the shape of the crown right.

Najiha’s mum is one smart lady!

Amy had booked in Najiha for only half an hour! I needed at least 90 minutes to complete the makeover and the crown preparation … then I had to create her temporary crown!!

Fortunately Najiha had the afternoon free … so with a little arranging of our work pace .. we started the magic!

The makeover and temporary crown

First the makeover … that took just half an hour or so.

Then we did the crown preparation and temporary crown.

Amy called the technician and made sure he was going to send the finished crowns on time!

We took the photos, printed the makeover album and said goodbye … Najiha set off back to Johor for the rest of her holidays with her famiy.

So until next week, Najiha … enjoy your new smile!

Najiha's new smile!
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12 years ago

Dear Dr Fauziah, How is your child doing? I hope your child is getting better. I am so so thankful for referring my case to Taman Melawati. I’m especially grateful for Amy’s help because she really wanted to do something for me although at that time she was also panicked and not really sure what to do. I am truly sorry and I really want to apologize for being so pushy on that day (I was really about to cry), again especially to Amy. Could you please extend my sincerest gratitude and appreciation to all the staffs in Taman Melawati… Read more »