Norhazirah’s new smile

Norhazirah wanted a new smile!

Norhazirah came in today with her mum and her two brothers. Her mum had heard about us from her colleagues at work and made the appointment for the family.

Norhazirah is petite … and I mean really petite! I first thought she was much younger than her years … she was so shy too … she left all the talking to her mum and had a very, very shy smile.

Her mum had told me about Norhazirah’s smile and though the appointment was slated for a scaling, it was immediately clear she didn’t need a scaling but was more interested in getting a makeover!

Norhazirah before

Norhazirah is still in school. We discussed braces as an option, but seeing that her upper teeth really were too small and squarish … her lower teeth were fine … it did seem that a makeover with composite veneers looked like the better solution.

I told her mum that the makeover would probably take me 45 minutes at the most and yes … there would be absolutely no pain!

We started whilst the younger brothers sat quietly, jumping up ever so often to give their sister moral support.

Norhazirah's new smile ... isn't she gorgeous!

And sure enough … in less than an hour, Norhazirah’s makeover was ready.

Her mum and the boys gathered around as Ayu passed the mirror to Norhazirah.

I was busy clicking … taking the ‘After’ photos as usual!

I saw her take a breath before turning the mirror around to see herself for the first time …

She smiled her shy smile … and whispered, “Thank you, Dr Fauziah.”

Norhazirah now!

What a shy girl indeed!

That’s when Norhazirah’s mum said, “Now you’ve got to smile more!” We both laughed.

As I printed the Makeover Album, I reminded her not to eat stones, bones, metal and wood … and that there was a 100% guarantee for a month so she was to eat as normal.

As they waved goodbye, I saw Norhazirah smile … what a gorgeous smile!

I love my job!!

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