Veronica’s makeover

Veronica's before

Veronica had Google-d for a dentist to correct her tilted tooth. When she found this blog, it turned out that we worked in the same building!

I think this is a first. 😉

I get many patients from EON Bank and the surrounding offices but this was the first time that a patient who actually worked in the same building, found our blog through a web search!

Veronica is Sabahan … I could immediately tell by her accent … a beautiful young lady, she wanted to correct the tilted tooth and make all her teeth look even.

See Ma! I have a perfect smile!!

“It would be so, so, so easy!” I told her when she asked whether I could do it.

“I’ve looked at your blog and I can’t wait to get a makeover too! Will it take long?” Veronica asked.

I always get asked this question … I guess it IS difficult to believe a makeover would take less than an hour … and that it would be painless too … people always think it is too incredible to believe!

I laughed and told her I could create her smile immediately if she wanted. “You forgot to ask if it would be painful!” I teased as I started the magic wand.

And yes, it took just half an hour this time! …. Veronica loved it and was all smiles.

I printed the photos for the Makeover Album, said goodbye and rushed out!

I was late for my session with Gus Ghani at Concept 10 10!! He had promised to make my workout really tough this week!!

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