Haniff starts his journey

Hanif before

Haniff found our blog whilst surfing for a dentist. When he came in, he was very nervous and was embarrassed to be examined as he said he had avoided seeing a dentist for years!

We sat and chatted for a bit … he told me that he found several websites and blogs as a result of his search, but what made him make the appointment (and show up! 😉 ) was the many comments and especially the post Anuar’s Story: Conquering Fear!

So many, many people fear dental treatment because something happened to them when they were little … this sad reality, is one of the reasons behind our resolve to change how our patients view getting treatment from dentists … we want our patients to no longer fear getting their treatment, we want people to get a different experience all together from the one that made them so scared …

It’s our ‘job’ to make sure that anyone who meets us, has an experience that shifts their view! Patients, and their accompanying persons, begin to lose their fear!!

Hanif at the end of Stage 1

So we sat and chatted for a bit … Haniff looked so young … I was amazed when he said he had 5 kids! He told me that his job now requires him to meet clients … he no longer can hide away, facing the computer screen!

We worked out a treatment programme for him … since the Fasting Month is around the corner, we needed to carefully plan the steps to his beautiful smile!

The first stage was to close the gap and prepare for his bridge work. It took hardly any time at all!

Haniff was all smiles when he saw his smile for the first time … but the best part was when he said as he left the clinic, “This was the total opposite experience from the dental experience I had. I’m so glad I found the blog.”

That made my day!

Thank you, Haniff, for giving us the chance to change your mind about dentists! Now your journey towards excellent dental health begins 😉

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