Mr Chiew finds his dentist

Mr Chiew's gaps aren't too visible in the photo

Mr Chiew is an engineer with a semi government agency. He had made his appointment for tomorrow … but since I had to go to the Immigration Department again (my 5th time in 20 days!) ….. and since we had an opening this afternoon. … Amy called him to see if he could come in today instead.

He very kindly said that he could … on condition I saw him at 1:30 (no problem … it’s Fasting Month so no one’s breaking for lunch).

Yay!! This meant I could rest easy when I went for my appointment at the Immigration Department.

Mr Chiew came in just a little early.

The right side

He said he had ‘stumbled’ onto this blog whilst searching for a dentist. I was thrilled when he said he was impressed by the numerous photos and comments given by the patients.

He wanted me to close the gaps between his teeth, correct a slightly tilted lower front tooth and ‘tidy’ up the surfaces and shape.

I told Mr Chiew that closing the gaps in between the teeth was going to be the toughest … the large gaps are actually easier!

I chatted with Mr Chiew … what an interesting conversation! Though I must admit, I dominated the conversation whilst Mr Chiew sat and I worked! 😉

A new smile!

Soon I was finishing up and it was time to pass Mr Chiew the magic mirror.

He really, really liked it!

Gone were the gaps and tilted teeth! The photos don’t do the makeover justice.

I printed the photos for the Makeover Album and thanked Mr Chiew again for agreeing to shift forward his appointment.

I am so fortunate … I have the nicest patients.

Yay!! Gaps are gone!

Thank you Mr Chiew …

and please! Smile at work tomorrow!

I have the best job in the world

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