Syaiful’s makeover

Syaiful's smile before

Syaiful is a designer … he designs gorgeous creations for people to wear. He was referred by Megat Alfie, a long-time patient of mine.

When we spoke on the phone, I invited Syaiful to check out this blog … to both our surprise he recognised one of the many makeovers on “the Gallery of Makeovers” page … he knew Betty, the Boutique Owner!

When Syaiful came in he was so excited! … and confident that he would walk out with a beautiful smile.

He told me he had seen a dentist earlier who had said he had to remove the retained primary lower teeth (that’s the baby teeth that hadn’t come off because the permanent teeth that was supposed to replace them were just not there!)

A side view!

Syaiful just could not see how he was going to wait up to two months without teeth … imagine seeing his clients with missing front teeth … whoa!

I explained to Syaiful that we had three options:

The first option was to remove the baby teeth and wait for the bone to heal before making his bridge. Now that was out of the question … obviously!

The second option was to still remove the baby teeth but this time also start the bridge immediately … that means he’d go home with a temporary bridge, still we’d need to wait at least a month … but the good news was he need not go without teeth. …. Syaiful said he really, really, really didn’t want to remove any teeth … well today at least!

A beautiful smile indeed in about an hour!

The third option was to do composite veneers, using both the baby teeth so it would be stronger. I had explained to him the roots were rather weak as they were so small! But we wouldn’t be taking out the teeth and keep them for as long as we can! If (or when) the teeth finally give up, we could always go with the other options.

Syaiful was delighted! He said to go ahead with the composite veneers and he wanted me to adjust the shapes of all his teeth as well so they’d look neat, without gaps.

Yippee yay! I got to rev up my magic wand and start!

I took my time as Syaiful was the last patient of the day. We chatted about so many things whilst I created his smile.

All smiles!

Since his lower teeth, the baby teeth, were his biggest concern, I did those first and even before I did the final polishing, passed the mirror for Syaiful to see how it looked like … I wanted him to rest easy and relax for the rest of his makeover.

His reaction was such a sweet moment! He loved it and said he had been so, so scared that he had to lose the baby teeth … he was so, so, so happy!

The rest of the makeover went so easily .. Syaiful wanted as perfect a smile as possible and yet it would have to look natural!

It didn’t take too long at all. The longest part was the discussion and treatment planning!

Syaiful was thrilled with his Makeover Albums and left laughing when I reminded him to keep his eye on the road and resist looking in the rear-mirror when driving home.

I love my job … I get to create beautiful smiles … and make people happy, every single day!

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