Norhayati smiles for Idil Fitri

Norhayati smile could do with some tweaking

Norhayati was referred to us by my friend and amazing lawyer, Shila Kassim. Norhayati works with a local telecommunications company and sees many clients on a daily basis.

She came in today with a big smile. Norhayati had checked out this blog and was keen to see if I could help her.

She had a crown which was done some years ago … it was a different colour from her natural teeth and had begun to drift, causing gaps to appear … oh dear!

I told her that I had to base her makeover on the crown as I couldn’t change the shape of a porcelaine crown too much, though I could trim it a bit … nonetheless, I assured her she would be delighted with the final smile!

Norhayati's 'Raya' smile

Norhayati sat back and relaxed whilst I revved up the magic wand.

Every now and again I’d check with her … was she in pain? Was there any discomfort? Nope, she shook her head and assured me she was totally comfortable.

In an hour … yes, it only took an hour … I passed her the mirror to have her first look!

She was delighted!

She said, “I wish I had known about you earlier! My husband is going to be so surprised!”

Yes, it is amazing isn’t it! The best part is, it really isn’t as difficult as most people think … it only took an hour and Norhayati didn’t need any injections to get her brand new Raya smile.

Selamat Hari Raya everyone!

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12 years ago

Lovely, lovely, lovely transformation! My girlfriend in the office noticed it first, “There’s something different about you… what is it.. Is it the hair or……”. “It’s my teeth!” I showed her my brand new front teeth. She took a closer look. “Ya lah… so straight and nice!!” Now she’s checking out your blog & FB ! Ha Ha! Thank you, Dr Fauziah, for the quick makeover. Husband came home last night exhausted, so he only nodded and muttered, “Nice..” My kids were more excited about it. “How did you manage to do that without braces?!” It’s magic, I said! Now,… Read more »