Nor Hazirah’s new smile

Hazirah's teeth were small and squarish

Nor Hazirah is a trainee teacher. She found the blog some time ago and came in today all excited to get her makeover done … at last!

I asked Amy if it was a difficult case as I was just finishing a particularly challenging case … whoa, it’s been back-to-back makeovers this week!

It must be the run up to Aidil Fitri!

Amy smiled and said, “It looks pretty straight forwards … she just needs some gaps closed.”

Hazirah had registered then gone out for a bit with her friend, as she was early for her appointment.

Hazirah's left side

When Hazirah came back, she walked in with a big smile … she was ever so confident!

We took some time taking the ‘Before’ pictures … my iPhone wouldn’t behave. But Hazirah was fine and let me take photos of her left and right side.

She said she probably needed 6 composite veneers for her uppers … I said I’d try and close the gaps with 4 veneers.

But she was right! As I worked it turned out that we did indeed need 6 after all.

Hazirah's new smile!

About 45 minutes later, once finished, I polished them and passed her the magic mirror.

She squealed with delight! “Cantiknya!” she said.

Then as I finished up the polishing, Hazirah said to go ahead and do the lowers too … I mean, she was already in the dental chair and it hadn’t hurt a bit.

So I got back to work and finished up her complete smile.

As I took the ‘After’ photos, Hazirah was giggling with delight … she kept peeking in the mirror and laughing.

Smile Hazirah!

We printed out 3 sets of Makeover Albums for her … I reminded Hazirah to eat all her normal food and not ‘save’ the makeover … like be careful when eating and not eat normally.

I explained that when I checked for ‘high bites’ it was difficult to get all the movements we usually do when chewing … so that’s why we have the one-month’s 100% guarantee .. we’ll do any repairs for free for a whole month!

“Just don’t eat stones, bones, metal and wood … ah yes, stay away from ripping plastic with your teeth too!” I cautioned.

We said our goodbyes and waved farewell … I’ll see you in six months for your usual check ups!

Selamat Hari Raya!

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12 years ago

Can you email me the cost for her to do her uppers?
My teeth is quite similar to Hazirah and Im planning to get it done soon. Just wanna know the cost of the makeover, roughly.

12 years ago

no more shy smile for me….10q dr fauziah..really love you work..