Noorhaliza’s makeover

Before closing the gaps for Noorhaliza

Noorhaliza searched the net for a dentist to do a makeover for her. She came in yesterday all excited to finally do something about her smile.

When I explained to her that her lower jaw was too far forwards for correction with just orthodontics, she smiled. She understood too well that the only way to correct her bite, was to have surgery to reduce the differences in her jaws.

She just wanted to close the gaps in her front teeth which is pretty easy.

I persuaded her to also have a clean-up as her gum health is also very important … she needed good gums as well besides pretty teeth!

And so we started …

A much prettier smile for Noorhaliza!

She told me she was an interior designer who worked and lived in Shah Alam. Her friend, Anis, had gotten her makeover done and had encouraged her to check out the blog and come in for an appointment.

Noorhaliza was about to get married next year and she wanted a beautiful smile.

But of course! All brides want to look their best on their wedding day!

I told her that whilst doing the Composite Veneers, I’d do the fillings she needed too … so the teeth won’t just get a makeover but will get the treatment they needed.

It didn’t take too long to do her makeover at all … we only needed 4 Composite Veneers to balance the whole look … 2 veneers will look like her two front teeth are oversized!

Noorhaliza was all smiles when she looked at her new smile!

What a difference!

She left with her fiance soon after, with a promise to return to finish the other work she needed. … I forgot to say .. yes, Noorhaliza was scared of the dentist!

Well, she isn’t now! 😉

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