A day for mothers and their daughters

Norrbaitul and her mum, Nurazizan after the surgery
Norrbaitul and her mum, Nurazizian after the surgery

Yesterday seemed like a day for mothers and their daughters to visit the clinic for various reasons.

It started with Norrabaitul Adawiah who needed emergency surgery to remove an impacted (that’s stuck and not coming out properly) wisdom tooth. She is a nurse with a premiere hospital in Kuala Lumpur who was also studying for her degree in Nursing. She was accompanied by her mother, Puan Norazizan who also is a sister in a medical facility!

Norrabaitul had been suffering periodically for 3 years … the area would get all sore and swollen and this time she had searched the net and decided to do something about it, once and for all!

Her mum said she initially wanted to have her daughter get her surgery done in her hospital but was persuaded by Norrbaitul to get it done in the clinic instead … she had read the posts and felt more assured with us.

The surgery took only 8 minutes … really! Her mum was there throughout the procedure … though Norrbaitul said it felt like it was much longer! That’s totally understandable, don’t you think? 😉

Next was Lina and her mum Hajah Maslina, they had travelled from Tawau to complete Zetty’s Makeover.

Zetty had emailed me whilst she was still in Egypt studying Medicine (she’s in her first year), telling me about her dilemma. (see Zetty’s Challenge)

Zetty needed to close gaps due to a missing lateral incisor and a peg-shaped lateral incisor.

Fortunately, her family was scheduled to come to KL for a holiday and we managed to meet up and do the first part of her makeover before they went back to Tawau, Sabah.

Farhana and her mum Fatimah

Mother and daughter traveled back to KL for the final fitting. As you can see, Zetty is beaming and can’t wait to go back to Egypt with her brand new smile!

Finally it was Noor Farhana and her mum, Fatimah.

Farhana was my son’s schoolmate. She had bumped into him and he suggested she visited the clinic before she too returned to London in September. Farhana is on holiday right now … a perfect time to get her makeover!

Her mum said Farhana’s sister didn’t believe that a makeover could be done in under an hour … she had had her smile sorted out with braces … and it took a good, long 2 years to complete too.

The makeover did take less than an hour and it turned out that it was a birthday gift from her parents to Farhana.

Way to go!

It was so nice to see the mums come in to give their girls moral support. And to think they were all there in the same day too.

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12 years ago

Thank you so much Dr for doing my makeover. After my mother and I left your clinic, we went to Sogo and the bazaar and I was smiling non-stop to everyone. LOL. I hope they didn’t get the wrong idea.

I’m like 100% satisfied with the way my teeth look now and I’d tell everyone to go to Klinik Pergigian Fauziah (even my Egyptian friends). 😀

Thanks again Dr. Salam Ramdhan 🙂