Poh Lian’s new smile

Poh Lian before

Poh Lian was referred to us by Moonie, my friend and business associate from the BNI Ampang Chapter. This is a leading business referral organisation that I have been a member of for the past 10 years!

Poh Lian had visited our chapter some weeks earlier and had seen some photos of the makeovers I had done.

Though a little nervous, it was her boyfriend that was even more nervous than her about seeking dental treatment!

When it came to her turn, Poh Lian was more confident after all.

I told her that I could very easily correct the tilted front teeth. Everything else was fine … she just needed a cleaning up.

The new Poh Lian!

She said to go ahead! Though nervous, she knew it wasn’t going to be painful at all and would take less than an hour.

Sure enough, once done, she was so happy with the results, her boyfriend was inspired to do something too …. but at the next visit! 😉

Poh Lian was surprised when I printed the ‘Before’ and ‘After’ photos for the Makeover Album for her to take home … she didn’t know she would get one for herself as a momento of the makeover.

After all, she would find it hard to remember what she looked like before she walked into the clinic! 😉

I love giving the Makeover Album … it makes people smile!

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