Roshan gets a makeover in time for his wedding

Roshan before

Roshan’s mum, Jyothi, had a makeover some years back. She had been trying to persuade her very busy son to have his smile ‘magicked’ ever since, but Roshan was just too busy!

Yesterday, Roshan was about to register his marriage … now was the perfect time for him!

He came in with his lovely bride, Sue. What a beautiful couple they are indeed!

Roshan didn’t need too much work really. His canines appeared extra sharp and his teeth were just a little bit uneven.

Roshan now

We started with a good clean up and polish then I revved up the magic wand.

A quick 40 minutes later, he looked the dashing groom!

His beautiful bride, Sue, a former air stewardess with Qatar Airways, already looked radiant, so we just did a little tweaking of her smile to give her that extra sparkle.

Both bride and groom left with gorgeous smiles … all ready for their big day.

Congratulations Roshan and Sue … may your days be filled with light and laughter!

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