Azhari’s New Smile

Azhari had tilted teeth as one tooth had been taken out earlier

Azhari walked in for a consultation a few days ago. He was referred to us by his cousin, who had yet to come in for her makeover! My friend and dive buddy, Razlin had told Azhari’s cousin about our makeovers and she had spread the word.

Azhari asked if I could do anything about his upper teeth. I told him I’d do better than just talk or draw pictures … I would actually show him what he could look like with a mock-up!

I then did the composite veneers on his teeth without preparing them so he could actually see how he would look like with the veneers … he could see if he’d like the makeover when it was done.

Azhari looked in the mirror and said, “Wow!”

Tops done .. now to work on the lowers

As he hadn’t the time to do the makeover at that visit (and I was rather booked too) we scheduled it for the last day before we break for the Aidil Fitri holidays.

Yesterday, Azhari walked in … he was excited … and so was I!

I had my work cut out for me, for sure! Azhari had a lateral incisor taken out years ago which meant that though his teeth had closed in quite nicely, the front teeth were tilted and the canine looked extra sharp.

His lower teeth were also tilted this way and that … we were going to tidy everything up!

The tops took about half an hour … I had already done the mock-up so I knew what I was going to do.

Yes .. Azhari's new smile deserves a 'Wow!"

The lowers are usually more tricky.

The tricky bit is because the teeth are so narrow and the space to work in is small … it doesn’t help when the lower lip and tongue naturally keeps moving all the time as we swallow!

I wanted to make everything look even and neat … Azhari was just great as we chatted about diving. I told him how he’d love the sport and should seriously consider taking it up. It’s a great stress buster!

At last we were done!

It took about an hour as I fussed over the lowers quite a bit and getting the midline straight.

Looking good from the sides too

When we passed him the mirror he said, “Wow!” again! I burst out laughing.

When I asked him if there was anyone who would notice his new smile he said his sister would definitely notice it immediately. She’s a pilot for AirAsia!

Isn’t that just amazing! Tony Fernandez and his organisation breaks barriers for women! I love AirAsia!

As we printed the Makeover Albums for Azhari he commented, “The photos don’t really do the makeover justice do they?”

Nope, the photos don’t … the makeovers are 3 dimensional and the photos can’t capture the true essence of the transformation …

But so what! The important thing is that Azhari loves it … and he has a smile he can flash with confidence!

Way to go Azhari! Selamat Hari Raya!

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