Toipah’s Challenge

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Toipah had an extra tooth and a rotated front incisor!

Toipah works with Veronica who had done  a makeover in this clinic some months ago.

She got so excited when she saw Veronica’s new smile she asked Veronica to take a photo of her and show it to me, to see if I could do a makeover for herself too.

The photo wasn’t too clear, so I asked Veronica to come in with Toipah so I could examine her and tell her what options she had to get her beautiful smile.

It was difficult indeed! Toipah has an extra tooth which had caused her right front tooth to come out sidewards and push her other teeth away.

Toipah's new smile!

We opted to do a mock first to see how it would look if I just did a veneer … but it didn’t look nice as the tooth look too large.

So instead we opted to remove the twisted tooth and make the gap that was left, disappear with veneers on either side.

When we finished, Ayu passed Toipah the mirror ….

She loved it!

Sometimes it takes a little creativity to see what would be best.

Topiah looks totally different now … I think we did a good job.

What do you think?

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Saodah Omar
Saodah Omar
12 years ago

So far Dentist Malaysia has made many people leaving the clinic ‘SMILING’;-)…beautifully