Norhaliza flies back to London smiling

Norhaliza before the makeover

Norhaliza works in London. Whilst there she befriended a patient of ours who had done a makeover with us.

As she was back for a brief holiday, she called and made an appointment for a makeover….. trouble was we were about to go on a week-long break too!

Fortunately Norhaliza got to see us on Monday …. we had just 6 days til she left to return to London.

She told me that having braces done was out of the question as, not only was it extremely expensive in England, she wanted something done fast for the protruding canine and lateral incisor that was hidden behind it.

Norhaliza with her temporary bridge

When she told me she had just 6 days before she left again, I sighed.

“I could easily correct it with a bridge but I don’t know if the technicians are back to work and if they’d do it in less than the usual 7 days”, I explained.

The technicians would actually heave only 5 days to construct the bridge .. but well, I thought, if I don’t ask, I wouldn’t know if they would oblige me!

So with my fingers crossed I called them to ask for a miracle …. bless them … they said they’d do it!

The angels were smiling on Norhaliza and I!! 😉

Norhaliza now! What a difference!

I explained all possible problems of doing the permanent bridge that fast … and when I was sure Norhaliza was clear … we started.

It didn’t take too long at all. The temporary bridge already looked great on Norhaliza too. She kept admiring herself in the mirror!

Yesterday, when she walked in with her friend Wari, I don’t know who was more nervous … Norhaliza or I!

I had to be sure it looked great … there was no room for mistakes as she was leaving for London in a few hours!

Wari sat by Norhaliza as I worked …

Wari and Norhaliza .. all smiles!

The bridge looked fantabulous! 😉 (My new word … both fantastic and fabulous!! hahaha)

Both Norhaliza and I were so, so, so happy!

She looked great and her smile looked so natural!

Norhaliza told me as we printed her Makeover Album that she had always wanted to have a beautiful smile.

Yes … that’s why I have the best job in the world … I get to create beautiful smiles for people!

I get to create beautiful smiles every day!

I love my job! 😉

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12 years ago

Hi Doctor Fauziah,

I have similar case as Norhaliza were I have protuding protruding canine and lateral incisor that was hidden behind it.

It’s noted here that you did a bridge treatment for her, and it looks amazing. However, doring a bridge would mean extracting a tooth out before doing a three teeth crown right, doctor?

Which is the tooth that will be extracted in this case, and is there any alternative other than a bridge that does not involve extraction?

Thanks so much doctor! Really hope to hear from you