Azlina’s makeover

Azlina before

Azlina wanted a new smile.

She came in last week wanting a whole new makeover!

I explained to Azlina that the main problem was her teeth were too large for her smallish jaw.

Her teeth then had to fit into the smaller space which meant there were several gaps and it was harder for her to keep her teeth clean too.

She also had a discoloured front tooth which would need root canal

Azlina from the side

treatment later … well, the sooner the better … as the discolouration usually meant the tooth was getting brittle.

She needed to treat the root first before she strengthen the tooth with a crown and post.

But, we could give the tooth a better colour with composite veneers for the time being.

Azlina said to go for it! Yay!!!

Azlina now

We shaped the teeth and fixed any cavities whilst we were at it … I admit I took a little longer than usual as I was fussing over it.

The gaps were the most challenging as we had to fill them in while still maintaining the gum margins so we won’t end up with food traps.

At last it was done!

I took the pictures and Ayu got ready to pass Azlina the mirror …

She loved it!

Azlina now

I reminded Azlina she still needed to do her root treatment and her crown but she was busy admiring her smile … I hope she heard me!

I love my job.

I love watching people’s faces when they see their transformation.

I have the best job in the world!

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