Haris gets a surprise makeover

Haris' front filling were screaming to be noticed!
Haris' front fillings were screaming to be noticed!

Haris works for a local daily.

He was disappointed with his regular dentist and decided to try us out so he booked in for an appointment today.

It turned out that the back tooth that was bothering him just needed to be redone as it was not done properly. That was a no-brainer.

We started with a full check-up and to my surprise  Haris also had several other teeth that needed some work too … it was a surprise because Haris had been going to his former dentist very regularly.

Haris also had a hidden tooth and badly done bottom fillings

On top of this, his fillings in his front teeth were the wrong colour! They were so obvious … something that was totally unnecessary as choosing a shade for composites that matched his teeth is easy-peasy!!

So Haris didn’t take much persuading to redo the fillings … they were leaking anyway and were going to need replacement in a few months.

I told Haris that I was also going to give him a surprise … if he said ok … I was going to change his smile.

He said ok!!! Yay!!

Haris now!!
Haris now!!

So we started the makeover and waved the magic wand whilst I chatted with him about the differences in the newspapers available to us and other stuff.

In a short while Haris was ready for the magic mirror.

I took the ‘After’ photos and Ayu passed the mirror to Haris whilst I sat back to watch his reaction.

Haris took his first glance at his new smile and looked up at me.

He was speechless for a few moments …

Haris from the side

I felt a rush of tears well up in me and quickly said, “Some people cry when they first see their new smile.”

I don’t know how to express the magical moment when someone sees a whole new person look back at them in the mirror after a makeover … it’s an emotional moment, especially for me.

I guess I get emotional because I want my patients to have their dream smile ……. I create it for them and it very, very important to me that they like it.

I could tell that Haris liked it. The pictures don’t do the makeover justice!

I could tell that he never imagined that this trip to the dentist would result in a totally new but natural smile.

Haris thanked me and said, “My 21 year old daughter is going to love this … she’d been pestering me to fix an appointment for her smile … I never knew this could be done with just fillings!”

Yes it can.

And it’s so easy and painless too!

This is why I love my job.

I get to make people happy.

I get to create beautiful smiles every single day! 😉

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