Nadiah gets ready for her wedding

Nadiah before

Every young bride-to-be wants to look her best at her wedding. It’s an important day! A day when the bride is the centre of attention and all eyes are on her … especially the groom’s.

Nadiah is about to be married.

Her sister Azlina (see Azlina’s Makeover) had visited us a week earlier for her makeover.

Nadiah was so inspired by her sister’s new smile she wanted to transform her own smile in time for her wedding!

She wanted to look gorgeous!

The hidden tooth had pushed out the front one

When she came in for her examination, I explained to her that she needed a different treatment plan.

Azlina’s makeover was much simpler … Nadiah needed to correct the tooth that was tucked behind the front tooth and also do something about that tooth too as it had been pushed out.

We worked out a treatment plan … it had two parts to it.

It would take a week but I assured Nadiah she would look totally different!

Nadiah said to go for it … she’s the bride after all!!!

Nadiah's new smile!

We started with the preliminary photos and study models … and then began the makeover.

Today, the second part was ready to go.

Nadiah came in a little nervous but excited too.

I assured her that she needn’t worry about eating  … I told her to eat as normal and not ‘be careful’. She just had to remember to not eat stones, bones and metal!

Reassured, Nadiah sat back and began to relax, whilst I worked.

Nadiah from the side

It didn’t take too long either … I needed to cement the bridge and create two Composite Veneers.

Ayu passed Nadiah the magic mirror when we finished.

Nadiah, the bride-to-be took her first look and exclaimed, “I look so different!”

She does too, doesn’t she!

I searched my Mac for her “Before” photos to compare it with “After” photos.

What a difference!

Nadiah, you sure look good! Congratulations … your going to look fabulous during your wedding.

Remember to smile and smile and smile, OK! 😉

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