Izatti’s makeover

Izatti is getting married! Love is definitely in the air! So many brides and the family of people getting married seem to be everywhere!

Izatti before

She came in today with her fiance to get her makeover for her big day.

Izatti wanted to close the gap in her front teeth.

I explained to her that to really look nice I’d need to create a composite veneer for each tooth on either side of her middle front teeth too.

This would be necessary to even out the size of her teeth, besides one of them was rather pointy.

Izatti agreed and asked if it was going to hurt.

Izatti's side profile before

I laughed … everyone thinks the makeover just had to be painful … it doesn’t hurt at all … and even though many patients place comments on this blog and on our Facebook Page Dentist Malaysia, that the makeovers don’t hurt at all, people always ask … just in case, I guess. 😉

So naturally I told her that she need only relax … It’s really difficult for me to hurt her so I’d have to charge extra for pain! Hahaha!

Laughing, Izatti relaxed and I revved up my magic wand.

Izatti’s makeover was the second makeover I did today.

Izzati's new smile

It was a simple, straight forward and easy-peasy one, so it was all done in less than 45 minutes! She only needed 4 Composite Veneers after all.

I did them super quick and passed her the mirror.

She loved it!

Her fiance was waiting patiently in the waiting room when she went out.

I laughed when I saw him … he had a small gap too, so I just had to say that I would be happy to do a makeover for him as well.

He smiled and said, “Maybe next time.”

The lovely bride-to-be

Well, next time then, after all Izatti needs to come in for routine dental treatment anyway.

They’ll make a handsome couple on the bridal dias regardless whether he does his makeover … how do I know this?

Well just look at Izzati’s new beautiful smile … she’ll be radiant and gorgeous!

Congratulations Izzati … may you be blessed with many, many happy moments as you step into this exciting phase of your life! 😉

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