Anis gets her Dream Smile during lunch

Anis before

Anis came in today during the lunch break. She hadn’t seen a dentist for some time and was bothered with some pain coming from her back teeth.

When I first saw Anis, I asked her how she came to make her appointment with us.

That’s when she told me that her colleagues at the bank had suggested she come in to the clinic and had told her about our blog.

I asked whether she had seen the work I had done, and when she said she had, I said that I’d really like to do a makeover for her … but since she also needed some other routine fillings, I suggested we do all of them in two stages.

Half way done

I always make it a point to sort out any painful teeth first.

I mean, patients come in to have their sore tooth fixed, right

… and though I get so excited when I see that I can also contribute to them, by giving them their dream smile

… I must (I am a Doctor first and a Smile Artist second 😉 ) make sure the pain is taken care of first before I wave my magic wand!!

And so I told Anis I was going to fix her sore teeth first, and then work on her smile.

She would need to make a second appointment for her clean up and the other routine fillings as soon as possible.

My aim is always to get patients to their optimal dental health then work out a 4 – 6 monthly maintanence schedule, to keep them in peak health!

Anis now ... what a huge difference!

So we started …

It was a rather challenging case as both lateral incisors were missing!  Anis had retained milk canines that needed to be built up and the teeth that were tucked behind were actually her canines!!

I explained to Anis that my treatment plan was to keep the milk canines for as long as possible … they had served her far longer than was intended…

… but she neededn’t worry as even if the teeth were to give up, we could easily retain her beautiful smile.

It took a little longer than usual and at last, Ayu passed the mirror to Anis. I think Anis was a little speechless as all she could say was “OK”

I laughed and said, “This was a tough one but we did it!”

We printed out her Makeover Album super quick and said goodbye. This was probably the most unusual lunch break Anis has ever had!

This lunch break was spent transforming her smile!


I did not forget to ask Anis to ‘Like’ the Facebook Page Dentist Malaysia 😉 and to place a comment too. Comments from patients really help others, as they hear from the patients themselves, what they feel about the transformation … it goes a long way for people who stumble upon this blog, to really get that these are Real Makeovers, On Real People!

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12 years ago

hi dr.
Sorry for a late reply….i almost forgot to reply it. However, when i eat or smile, its remind me of you. THANK YOU so much for your effort. You did great job. I never imagine my smile will be like superb model!!! heheehhe..=D