Rusnani’s makeover

Rusnani before

Rusnani works with a publishing company in Kuala Lumpur. Several of her colleagues had been treated by us and she now needed some routine dental work so like most people, she asked around for a dentist that her friends could recommend.

They told her to come see us!

Rusnani is also a busy mum with many kids, so it came as no surprise that her own dental needs had taken a back seat for a while.

We did the routine dental fillings she needed pretty quick … then I just had to ask her if she would like to tweak her smile a bit.

Rusnani now! Yay!

I told her that she had mismatched front teeth because she had probably either removed her front tooth pretty early on when she was a child or the tooth never grew.

She said she remembered that she had a tooth that was growing sideways … and the dentist took it out.

Fortunately the tooth on the side had slipped into the space!

Her teeth looked pretty even now but one was smaller as it was actually the lateral incisor.

It was ever so easy to use composite veneers to make that tooth the same size and shape as it’s ‘partner’.

It was so, so, so easy that I told Rusnani that I just couldn’t help but offer to do it for her!!! 😉

I mean, she’s a patient of Klinik Pergigian Fauziah now … of course she had to have her dream smile! Hahaha.

It took me just a few minutes and when Rusnani looked in the mirror she could hardly believe her new smile.

“I can’t tell what you did! It looks so natural!”

Yes, Rusnani … this is what your smile was supposed to look like.

It’s never is too late to get your dream smile!

Ask Rusnani!! 😉

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