Zakaria summons up his courage

Zakaria before

Zakaria is with the Internal Revenue Department. He had sensitive teeth on one side of his upper jaw and though he was really nervous of dental treatment, he came in to get the sensitivity fixed.

Almost immediately after sitting in the dental chair, Zakaria admitted he didn’t like visits to the dentist at all.

I told him that he only needed to relax as I promised that if he was worried that the visit was going to be painful, he was in for a surprise!

I sorted out the sensitivity first.

All Zakaria needed was some abrasion cavities to be filled … those fillings usually don’t even need me to use the drill!

I only needed to make sure the teeth were super clean and the fillings were then bonded on…. yep, no drilling!

A polished smile! Doesn't Zakaria look handsome!

Once he was happy that his teeth felt great, I suggested he do something about the discoloured and broken front fillings too.

Now Zakaria had done fillings and the whole process didn’t hurt, he had relaxed enough to say “yes”!

I laughed and told him he won’t regret it. 😉

It took less than 45 minutes actually and was absolutely painless.

When we passed the mirror to Zakaria he broke into a HUGE smile!

He really didn’t expect to leave the clinic with such a transformed smile.

I love my job!

I get to change people’s perception of dental treatment.

I get to do this, make friends and have people leave with a brand new confidence!

It’s the best job in the world!

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