Roja loves her new smile!

Roja a wek weeks ago

Roja first came in a few weeks ago with her mother and brother. Her brother was about to get married and Roja wanted to transform her smile in time for the wedding festivities.

She had a complicated problem.

Rajo had several milk teeth that had not dropped off and her permanent canines just arranged themselves as best they could in the space that was left.

On top of that Rajo has what we call an open bite … her front teeth didn’t close together.

Roja had a lot to deal with

To top all this, one of her permanent lateral incisors was missing!! This meant that when the milk tooth came out, poor Roja had to wear a denture to close the resulting gap.

She had gone to see several dentists who all said the same thing … “It’s too complicated!”

Seeing an orthodontist meant taking out several teeth and braces … that was OK but Roja could not have her denture on for 2 years whilst the teeth were being moved!

Roja today!

Imagine going to work with braces and a missing tooth in the middle! No way!!!

Fortunately, Roja’s cousin Sathiah, told her to come in for a consultation … the rest is history!

Last Saturday was the second visit for Roja ….not counting the first when she came in just to chat and find out her options that is …. Roja needed only 2 visits and we didn’t remove a single tooth either!

Yes, it took 2 visits … a week, that’s all, and now Roja has her beautiful smile!!

A beautiful smile in one week!

It took some creative thinking to plan her treatment.

It took Roja persuading her mum that a combination of a bridge and composite veneering was a better solution than 2 years of braces.

It took a lot of trust that we could do it.

And it all paid off! In just 2 weeks … not 2 years …. Roja got her beautiful smile in time for her brother’s wedding!

I love my job … it’s times like these I am so glad I chose to be a dentist.

I get to create beautiful smiles … and help people have confidence … every day! 😉

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12 years ago

may i have your email dr.fauziah?can i just email to u the condition of my teeth that need to be fixed?i’m just curious about the cost..:)

12 years ago

Well done Dr. Fay! You’re simply great! Thank you for creating beautiful smiles for her. She is now more confident and proud of her smiles.