Nadia’s makeover

Nadia before

Haris had his makeover (click link) done some weeks ago. He initially came in for some routine dental treatment but ended up not only fixing his teeth but making them look good too!

His daughters, Siti Fatimah and Nadia Adibah, had been pestering him to bring them to an orthodontists for months … so today it was their turn!

I examined Siti Fatimah first … though to Hanif he thought she was probably the easiest for me to transform, I explained to the family that I felt her case was best done through braces.

There’s so many factors to consider when we examine a patient: their age, the overall arrangement of their teeth, the lips, tongue, the facial bones, whether or not they are able to come in for repeated visits, their job etc etc … so many factors to consider!

Nadia side profile showed jutting teeth

Siti is an undergraduate, her lower teeth were crowded and she had what we call an over-jet. Her lips and facial bones pointed me to say that she’d be better off having braces done. Yes, it would take two years but for her it would be better.

I explained at length to her parents and her why I felt she should do so, I explained how teeth were moved and why it took so long. Satisfied with the explanation and though (I suspect) a little disappointed, we made the appointment with the consultant orthodontist for Thursday afternoon.

Then it was Nadia’s turn … Haris was sure I was going to say the same thing!

But when I examined her and asked her some questions, I said I’d do a mock-up of the makeover and let the family decide.

Straight teeth at last!

Nadia had an over-jet too … her teeth were jutting out and her lower teeth were just a little crowded too. However, I could reduce the over-jet visually and correct the lower teeth quite easily … yes, through composite veneers!

I did the mock-up and she loved it! Nadia could go home with an immediately transformed smile!!! Yay!

And so we started … Haris was snapping away with his camera phone, as I worked on Nadia … with her parents and Siti sitting near, she relaxed and let me do my magic.

In less than half an hour she was done.

Nadia's profile in 30 minutes

She looked in the mirror and broke into a huge, huge, huge smile! She loved it!!

She jumped up and started to admire herself in the mirror. She no longer looked like she had jutting out teeth and her lower teeth all looked nice and straight too!

All Nadia needed was 4 composite veneers and 3 half-veneers … they made such a huge difference to her smile.

She asked if she could eat normal food and I said ‘yes’ … in fact I wanted her to eat as normal immediately, and come in if she felt any ‘high spots’.

We printed the Makeover Album whilst Nadia continued to check out her new smile in the mirror. 😉

Nadia, Siti and mum after Nadia's makeover

Good luck, Siti .. you’ll be smiling wide like Nadia soon enough.

After I took the photo of Nadia, Siti and their mum, Nadia laughed and said, “Wow! My teeth look nice and straight”

Haris added, “And whiter too!”

This was her first photo with her transformed beautiful smile! Way to go Nadia!!

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