Syahir’s gets a new smile

Syahir before

Syahir fell when he was a young teen. He broke his front teeth and had them fixed but the fillings were old and discoloured now.

Syahir is an undergraduate studying Aeronautical Engineering in a local university. Since he was on his semester break, his mum made the appointment and accompanied him to see us.

He had great teeth! But alas, the front ones were badly repaired after his fall … they were the ones to take the brunt of his fall all those years ago.

I told them that Syahir’s front tooth was clearly dead.

From the side

The tooth had turned a darker colour and would need the root to be filled, before we could restore the tooth with a permanent crown.

The root treatment would take three visits but, well, he just had to do it because the tooth was in danger of breaking … it was so very weak.

I offered to correct it first whilst we did the root canal treatment … then Syahir would get used to his new smile and look, while the root was being treated.

Syahir immediately said ‘Yes!”

No more buck teeth!

My intention was to correct the chipped upper teeth first. It wouldn’t take long as it was only 4 veneers.

As we worked the magic wand, I chatted with Syahir and his mum.

When he was ready for the mirror, I sat back to watch his face …. Syahir broke into a huge smile!

He looked so different!! 😉

I reminded them that Syhair still had to do the root canal work before we could continue with his crown.

His tooth was still discoloured but … it sure looked nicer!

A new smile for Syahir

And Syahir agreed!! He loved his new smile!

As we said our goodbyes, I reminded Syahir that he could eat all his normal food … just no stones, bones, wood and metal … he had a whole month to break anything with our 100% guarantee.

I explained that the time in the clinic to check that he could eat/chew as he always did, was never going to be enough.We did everything in less than 60 minutes!

We eat so many types of food, hard, soft, crunchy, etc … so it was at home that the new madeover teeth would be tested to the maximum! He had one month (that’s more than 100 meals!!) to find where the makeover needed tweaking so he would be comfortable.

“So don’t worry,” I told him, “Eat as normal and test out the new you!”

We printed his makeover albums and said goodbye … at least until he comes again for the root treatment. 😉

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Dr.abdul khaliq
Dr.abdul khaliq
12 years ago

Wel done Like Always…..! 🙂