Lak Mun gets a new smile

Lak Mun could hardly smile for the photo!Lak Mun, an engineer with a petrochemical company made his appointment at the insistence of his wife.

His wife had been a patient of ours for some time now, but Lak Mun had always been a little nervous of visiting dentists, so he had resisted coming for his appointment!

It didn’t help that Lak Mun’s job had him travel all over the region … “Besides,” he said, “I don’t really have to meet people!”

But finally Lak Mun was there in the the dental chair!

Lak Mun all smiles now!
After the intial check up, Lak Mun said he wanted to have a bridge done for his missing lower molar. Naturally I just had to ask him if he was planning to get a makeover for his front teeth too! 😉

He laughed and said yes!

I tried several times to get a good ‘Before’ photo but Lak Mun was not used to smiling wide (as you can see in the photo above) … however he was quite patient and tried his best …

“Ah, just wait ’til I finish his new smile … I’m sure the ‘After’ photo will be much easier to take” I thought silently.

It was a little complicated as Lak Mun also had a tooth that needed root treatment … one of them had begun to darken quite badly.

When I finished, I smiled at Lak Mun and asked, “Well? Did it hurt?”

Lak Mun laughed and said, “Not at all!”

That’s when I passed him the magic mirror …. he just said “Wow!” and looked disbelieving!

“Please thank your wife for me!” I said as I printed his Makeover Album and said goodbye.

Don’t forget you still need some more work done, Lak Mun, and I promise … the bridge and root treatment won’t hurt too!

PS. When I tried to write this post last week, I found that the blog had been hacked! My apologies for not posting it as promised.

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