Ani Loves Her New Smile

Ani before
Ani before
Ani was told to visit us by her coworkers. She was encouraged to check out this blog first.

When Ani saw the makeovers she made her appointment and brought along her daughter too for a check up.

She was excited!

She didn’t like what her previous dentist did as the fillings looked quite obvious and to make matters worse there was a brown stain right in front!

A much younger looking Ani
A much younger looking Ani
I told her that I’d remove the stain and asked her,”Do you want me to make your smile look younger?”

It was so easy to do … all she needed was 3 composite veneers … It would take less than 30 minutes … tops!

Naturally she said, “Yes!!!”

So a few minutes later I passed her the mirror … “I don’t believe it! I am so glad I came!”

Her daughter needed a little more work though, so we had to schedule her makeover for when she was on holiday.

As to Ani? Well tomorrow when she goes to work, she’s got her Makeover Album to show to her friends!

She does look good, don’t you agree? 😉

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