Mike Gets A New Smile

Mike could hardly smile for the Before photo

Mike was doing his scuba diving refresher course with Pamela when she suggested he check out this website. Pam is an old scuba buddy of mine who I first met on a PADI Reef Check some years ago on Redang Island. Those days there were very few lady SCUBA instructors (yes, I became a SCUBA instructor in 1999!!) so it was only natural that we would become friends in a male dominated industry!!

Poor Mike had chipped a tooth that had been root filled way back when he was studying in Canada … and it just became worse!

He checked out this website and made the call for an appointment today.

When I saw him I was determined to help!

We discussed the treatment plan at length … took an xray to determine that the root canal was done OK and discussed his alternatives some more.

I explained to Mike that I had to do everything in one visit … I had to do the lower teeth first so we had a reference line for restoring his upper teeth … and I had to do the lateral teeth too so the central incisors (the two in front) have their borders sorted out … I didn’t want the dental technicians to get confused!

Mike's temporary crowns are a little off colour but he looks much better

His was one of those cases where it just didn’t make sense (and would probably affect the makeover!) to do the lower teeth at a different visit … it was better to do it all in one go!

I told him he need do 6 composite veneers and 2 crowns … and he’d leave the clinic looking absolutely different!

He still needs to come back for a short visit next week to fit the permanent crowns but he’d be able to smile wide as I was going to place temporary crowns whilst we waited for the crowns to be made.

And so we did it …. He does look better don’t you agree?
His temporaries are a little off colour but just wait til next week! Mike’s going to look amazing!!

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