Syarafuddin and Wahidah visit us

Husband and wife smiling after the visit!

Syarafuddin and his wife Wahidah both came together to the clinic for their check up and clean up. Syarafuddin usually comes in with his gang of friends from his work place so this was the first time we got to meet his wife!

Syarafuddin used to be totally scared of dental treatment … that was before of course! We even tagged his treatment card with the words VNP … which is our code for Very Nervous Patient! 😉

When the card is tagged, we know that the patient is extra scared so we do the extra to make sure they are absolutely comfortable … super-duper care from every single person in the clinic so the patient has a great experience every time they visit!!!

A small gap ... simple work!

This time Syafaruddin said he wanted to sort out the gap between his teeth.

“That was going to be easy peasy,” I told him. “Absolutely no pain and it’ll take less than 15 minutes!”

I did the clean up first and then revved up the magic wand …

In just a few minutes he was ready for the magic mirror!

“Wah! I look so different! There’s no gap!!” he said, turning to smile at his wife.

No more gaps!!

“And it was painless too!” I added.

He nodded encouragingly to Wahidah as it was her turn after that.

He got up to admire his new smile in the mirror whilst his wife, Wahidah settled in the dental chair.

Wahidah was calm and not nervous at all.

I did the usual examination and diagnosis and started with her clean up.

When that was done and other simple fillings were completed, Wahidah

Wahidah had a slightly tilted tooth

asked if I could sort out her overlapping tooth.

“Sure I can,” I told her, “It just needs two half veneers and they’ll look straighter!”

Wahidah was cool … not even a little nervous … quite unlike her husband!

It was over in a few minutes.

When we passed the mirror to Wahidah, she broke into a big smile.

“Now I have straight teeth too!!”

No more tilted tooth!!

Yes … it is sooooo easy … and painless.

It doesn’t take two years.

It takes just a few minutes!

And it’s permanent too!!

I love my job.

I get to make people smile their beautiful smiles … every day!! 😉

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