Dahlan and Family visit the dentist

All smiles ... En Dahlan and his family

En Dahlan’s wife, Zuraidah works in Menara EON Bank and was a regular patient of ours. She had done a makeover for herself some months back and immediately made an appointment for her family when her eldest son Danial said he had a sore tooth.

Danial went first … it turned out that the tooth that was hurting him was not a permanent tooth after all! It was a retained milk tooth that had remained and now had a huge, huge hole in it whilst it pushed inwards the permanent premolar.

I told his parents that I just needed to take out the tooth and he’d be fine …. that was all he needed … his other teeth were in very good condition!

En Dahlan needed a lot of work

We took out the tooth easy-peasy.

The speed in which everything was done and Danial’s big smile, gave En. Dahlan confidence!

He was more than nervous as he hadn’t seen a dentist for a very, very, very long time … he needed a scaling and polishing and some fillings/ veneers for his front teeth!

I started with the scaling and polishing first … I wanted to get his natural tooth colour back again to match for the composites (we have 6 colour shades!!)

En Dahlan sat back and whilst I chatted with his family, he relaxed … in a short time he was amazed at how different his teeth felt and looked.

What a difference!!

I asked him if I could continue with the composite veneers … En Dahlan turned his head, looked at his wife and nodded!

So it took just another 15 minutes before I finished and passed the mirror to En Dahlan.

This time he really was amazed … he said his tooth had a chip on the surface (the tooth on the right) since he was small!

I explained to him that the tooth surface of his permanent tooth had probably been damaged when the milk tooth had an infection. The pus from the infection could have damaged the growing tooth … that was why the tooth grew out with a pit on it which discoloured badly very fast and early.

I explained that he just needed to come in every 4-6 months for a quick clean up to maintain his new beautiful smile.

They left after we printed the Makeover Album and said our goodbyes.

Yes, En Dahlan said he would be back … in 4-6 months … I don’t think he’s as nervous of dentists as he was any more. 😉

PS: My apologies to Pn Zuraidah! I had her name wrong earlier … this post has been corrected now.

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7 years ago

How much does it cost for this make over dr?