Jasveen finds her dentist

Jasveen before

Jasveen saw our blog and read the comments and posts with great interest.

She had been searching for a solution to her gap between her teeth. She had had braces done to correct her teeth but subsequently Jasveen chipped her front tooth and a gap appeared between them!

Jasveen made an appointment to see us this week but came in on Saturday anyway as she was about to leave for Singapore … she wanted to see if I could do my magic before she left!

When I saw Jasveen I laughed … this was easy-peasy! The makeover would take just minutes!

Just a few minutes later!

All Jasveen needed was 2 Composite Veneers … that’s all!

“It would take only a few minutes and would be absolutely painless!” I assured her.

And so just a few minutes later, Jasveen was beaming and smiling and very, very happy indeed,

Way to go Jasveen!

Now you have the smile you’ve always wanted!


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