Makeovers Galore today starting with Nor Afidah!

Nor Afidah before

We had 3 new makeovers today! It was a busy day indeed.

The first was Nor Afidah who came in with her husband. She works with the Ministry of Finance and came in with her husband who had already been treated by us earlier.

When I asked her what she didn’t like about her smile (that question is important, I feel, to get what she wanted me to do) she immediately said she was concerned about the darkened tooth and the gaps.

I explained that she would need root treatment for the dark tooth as it was dead and may swell up if it gets infected … and more importantly, the darkening was usually an indication that it was brittle and could break!

Nor Afidah also had chipped her teeth

I told her that we could delay that part of the treatment for now .. I could do her makeover first … but she would need to return for the root treatment later … it would probably take 3 visits in all.

Nor Afidah said that she would return later for the treatment so we went ahead with the makeover first!

She had a retained milk tooth, chipped front teeth and gaps too … so there was quite a bit to do.

As I started she asked if it would hurt … I sort of suspected she knew it wasn’t going to hurt as she was smiling all the time … patients always ask this as for some reason dental treatment is believed by many to must hurt!

Nor Afidah after 4 composite veneers

But of course, composite veneering doesn’t hurt one bit as the preparations are so, so, so light on the teeth … we don’t go into the sensitive dentine (the part of the tooth that feels pain) or even the pulp where the nerves are … everything remains in the enamel portion of the tooth!

This means no injections are necessary too!

We worked on her right side first … the twisted milk tooth was enlarged and made to look more like a canine and her darkened tooth was lightened and the chip corrected … that didn’t take too long at all.

Then we worked on closing the gap between her front teeth and correct the chipped length.

What a difference the 4 veneers make

The left side just needed another composite veneer to build the lateral incisor so both sides look even.

Polishing and shaping the teeth came next … this is where I really take my time to get the finish veneers to look really natural.

When it was done, Sue (my new assistant) passed the mirror to Nor Afidah.

Nor Afidah peaked in the mirror and giggled. “Don’t you think you look younger now the teeth aren’t chipped and there isn’t a dark tooth anymore?”

She nodded and giggled!

As we said goodbye I reminded her that she still needed to get the root canal treatment!

The whole makeover took less than an hour and yes … we didn’t need to have any injections to give Nor Afidah her beautiful smile!


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