Next was Nur Syaidatul Ayu

Ayu had a mix of very small and large teeth

Ayu was accompanied by her father who sat by her side throughout most of her treatment time to give her moral support.

She was very shy at first and kept asking her father what he thought she should do! Her father very diplomatically said that she should decide and then encouraged her to go ahead.

Ayu, a very pretty girl, said that she had considered getting braces done to correct the gaps in her smile.

I explained to her that braces may close the gaps but part of her problem was the size and shape of her teeth did not match!

Ayu's beautiful smile!

Ayu has very large front (central) incisors and much smaller lateral incisors … that’s why the gaps were there!

I explained that composite veneers would resize and reshape her teeth but I wasn’t going to move them … that’s why the treatment does not take 2 years … it would only take less than an hour.

Once Ayu decided to go ahead, she settled down and was the model patient!

I insisted on a full scaling first as Ayu needed the clean up … besides, it would be bad dentistry to not start with super clean teeth before Ayu’s makeover! Her gums were a little swollen and bled easily even when she brushed her teeth!

A pretty smile

After the clean up it was a challenge to do the composite veneers as I had to make sure her gums didn’t bleed whilst I did the veneers!

So Ayu’s makeover took longer than normal … I even had to take a short 5 minute break!

But throughout the whole time … Ayu was excellent! She was, as I said, the model patient.

The best moment for me is when Sue passed the mirror to Ayu … she was delighted!

Ayu now ... I did say she's pretty!!

I love watching the happy smile that patients break into when they take their first look at their new beautiful smile …

… it’s a special moment …

It’s in that moment that I know I did a good job …

I made another person happy … I gave them their dream smile.

I love my job!

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