Lim’s turn for his makeover

Lim before

Yes … it was a tiring day! Lim was next and the last makeover for the day.

He had emailed me earlier … I sort of remembered seeing his name.

… but I get so many emails and answer nearly all, as sometimes they end up in my junk box or get buried under my Farmville alerts (yes! I confess … I am a Farmville addict with 4 farms … the home, an England farm, a Cove farm and now a Winter farm)

He had just completed his studies and is an intern with a Digital Media company … a whole new industry that sprung up in the last 15 years!!

The mock up

I explained that I could straighten up the look of his lower teeth and the uppers too … but it was complicated to explain it verbally so I showed him what I was going to do …. I did a mock up!

A mock up is when I do the makeover without preparing the teeth … this means the veneers can be flicked off … they aren’t stuck on.

But this also means I can’t polish them like when I finish a veneer or adjust shapes of teeth … but it gives a very good idea of how the end result, the makeover, will look.

When I finished the mock up for Lim he took a close look and said, “The teeth look bigger!”

I said, “Yes, that’s because I can’t shape your teeth just yet and because I haven’t polished off the stains so the colour is not blended in yet.”

Lim looked again at his mock up and said, “OK, let’s do it!”


I started with the lowers first … the composite veneers corrected the curved look so they looked more even and not sticking out.

Then the easier part was next … the top teeth.

Lim's final makeover

When I finished, I said, “Ok … take a look!”

Lim looked at his reflection for the first time …. yes! He really liked it!

I told him I’d like to tweak the makeover just a little more in January and give him a complimentary polish just before Chinese New Year so we set his next appointment.

All there was left to do was to print the Before and After photos for his Makeover Album and remind him not to ‘be careful’ … yes, I tell my patients to eat as normal … I want them to eat all their normal food so we can tell if the makeover teeth need any adjustments.

After all the work is guaranteed … 100% guaranteed against any breakages of high spots … Lim has a whole month to come in if he needs to for any adjustments as eating styles/habits will be different for different types of food!

So go ahead Lim … enjoy your new smile … and call or come in any time OK!

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