Nadia’s surprise

Nadia before

Nadia had been following our blog for some time but she hadn’t quite made the time to drop in to see us. Last Friday she emailed me in the evening …. Nadia had broken a tooth!

Nadia emailed me saying that an emergency happened and that she wanted to come in for an appointment. I wrote back and told her to come in to at least get some immediate treatment as it was an emergency indeed! No one wants to have a broken tooth for all to see whenever they smiled!!

When Nadia came in on Saturday, her timing was perfect! We had a last minute cancellation so I had sufficient time for her and it turned out that she didn’t need root treatment after all for her premolar … she just needed a very, very large filling!

Nadia 30 minutes later

As she was leaving, we chatted about her smile … yes, she was about to leave!

Nadia said that she just wanted to correct the uplifted canine and the hidden tooth on the right side of her smile … I told her there were several ways to do so and so she sat down again to discuss treatment plans.

There are so many factors to consider … the time it takes for each treatment option, the cost, whether teeth need to be removed or not, their job and whether they speak in public a lot … Nadia, it turns out teaches English in a well established private college in Kuala Lumpur!

Nadia decided to go with composite veneers after I explained the pros and cons of all the different treatments. She only needed 4 composite veneers. Yay!!

Correcting Nadia’s smile actually took only about 30 minutes … the rest was discussing her options!

When I passed her the mirror, I could see a moment of nervousness pass through her eyes … then Nadia took her first look in the mirror.

She gasped and said, ” I can’t believe this … I feel like crying. I’ll probably cry in the car.”

I laughed and said, “Yes, you’re not alone … many do cry when they first see themselves … it’s an emotional moment when you see yourself transformed! This is why I love my job. I get to make people really happy!”

I told her to eat as she normally would … I make it a point to remind patients … as I needed her to test out the veneers with her usual eating habits immediately! She has a whole month to discover high spots or uneven chewing for me to adjust her veneers … I always worry people “sayang” their veneers and don’t eat normally … that’s why we have the month long 100% guarantee!!

Nadia, your ‘unfortunate’ tooth accident turned out to be the nudge to get you finally into the clinic to do your makeover!

I’m glad you emailed me and came in immediately … now you have your dream smile!

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