Rohaidawati prepares for her wedding

Rohaidawati a few weeks ago

Rohaidawati is such a soft spoken young lady! She works with her dad in his automotive sales center in Kuala Lumpur.

A few months ago she mentioned to her sister that she wanted to straighten her teeth with braces … her sister told her to check out our blog first.

Rohaidawati made the appointment to first sort out her discoloured front tooth.

Sure enough she needed to do root canal therapy first. Once the treatment was completed, Rohaidawati was ready for her makeover.

A side view before we waved the magic wand

… and just in time too! Her wedding is in January!

We did her makeover first … I explained to her that her front teeth were triangular in shape … that’s part of the reason why they stuck out at an angle.

Doing the makeover at the same time as her crown would allow us to get a better shape for her teeth.

Rohaidawati also had that lateral tooth that was tucked behind which made her canine even more ‘sharp’!

What a difference!

The makeover didn’t take too long … the crown took a little longer as I had to strengthen the dead tooth with a titanium post.

But I promised Rohaidawati that it was going to be worth the time and cost.

Today, Rohaidawati had her crown fitted.

She came in with slightly swollen lips … she’s discovered she’s allergic to seafood! … but she was OK to complete the crown fitting and was excited to see the finished makeover.

When it was time to pass her the mirror, Rohaidawati was as nervous as a bride!

A pretty smile for the bride

She looked gorgeous!!! The best part is that we couldn’t believe what a huge difference the makeover made to her smile!

As we printed out her ‘Before’ and ‘After’ photos for her Makeover Album, she told us how her sisters couldn’t believe her transformation took such a short time … they had braces on for 3 years!

She does look great don’t you agree?

It’s a wonderful job to be a dentist … I get to give people their dream smile

…without pain

… it is fast

… and without fuss

and it’s amazingly affordable too! 😉

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